Fostering a Wiggly Tails Dog

Please consider fostering a Wiggly Tails dog. Most of our dogs do not have a forever home ready when we receive them. They may either be surrendered by a local owner or brought up from a high-kill shelter outside of the area. The more qualified foster providers we have, the more dogs we can save!

Why Foster?

Some of the benefits of fostering include:

  • You can have a dog temporarily—enriching your life and his—but not be tied down 24/7 with the responsibility of a pet.
  • Your current dog(s) will have a playmate.
  • You will have the satisfaction of helping a dog learn to trust people again before finding a forever home.
  • You will help stop pet overpopulation by giving a dog a home while we ensure that it is spayed or neutered.
  • You are saving a life—because most of our dogs come from high-kill shelters.

What does it take to be a foster provider?

  • Lane county residency. Because all of our foster homes must be pre-approved, and we rely on volunteers to do home checks, we are only able to serve Eugene/Springfield and the surrounding areas.
  • Ability to keep the dog(s) safe. One of your main responsibilities as a foster provider is to keep the dog safe. This may mean a fenced yard, depending on the circumstances, but also means ensuring that the dog cannot escape and is always accompanied and wearing the Wiggly Tails tag when it goes out.
  • Willingness to bring the dog to adoption events or to meet with potential adopters. Our rescued dogs are adopted through events at Petsmart and other businesses, as well as via social media. Potential adopters come there to meet them, but in other cases you will need to meet at their home or at a park, particularly when they have other dogs that the rescue dog needs to meet.
  • Taking photos and making progress reports on the dog. Our dogs are often found by adopters who see their picture and a description of them on Facebook or other social media. We rely on the foster providers to let us know how the dog is doing and to share those positive moments through pictures. You also need to let us know promptly if you have any problems with your foster dog(s).
  • Love and caring. You may be the one who shows the dog that people do care, by providing socialization and the necessities of life. You will need to provide food, toys, and a bed (at a minimum) for the foster dog(s). (We can assist with donated food, toys, pens, crates and other necessities in some cases. Limited financial ability is not an automatic disqualifier.)

What are Wiggly Tails Dog Rescue’s responsibilities?

  • Providing accurate information about the dog. Wiggly Tails will provide necessary information to enable the foster provider to effectively care for the dog.
  • Veterinary Care. Wiggly Tails is responsible for all necessary veterinary care, including vaccinations, medications and spaying/neutering. Foster providers usually will need to get the dog(s) to the vet.
  • Providing support to foster providers. Wiggly Tails will provide timely support with problems that foster providers encounter with fostering the dog(s). We will also take the dog back if the foster placement fails.
  • Assisting with special needs. Wiggly Tails will assist with physical needs, as necessary, such as loaning crates, pens, blankets, and other supplies, and providing donated food, treats and toys, when needed.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a foster provider for a Wiggly Tails dog, please contact us by completing a contact form

We hope to hear from you!