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If sweet, shy, and sensitive is your jam, then Sansa is the girl for you! This sweetheart is timid, and slow to warm up, but SO EAGER to LOVE. She gets along well with other dogs, and is most comfortable when she has a more confident dog around to show her the ropes.
Sansa wants love from her humans and will run to you for pets and belly rubs, but she startles easily, especially when she feels cornered or “trapped”. Given Sansa’s “startle factor”, she has a long way to go when it comes to leash skills, and isn’t yet comfortable going for walks out in the world. However, she LOVES to run, play chase and tug-of-war in the backyard.

Potty training is going great, with frequent trips outside. While she was initially terrified of her crate, she is now choosing to go inside for naps during the day and sleeps in it at night, with minimal whining.

At this time, Sansa is untested with cats. She also seeks a calm, quiet home without small children.
Sansa is yearning for just the right family recipe to give her that security and comfort that will help her blossom.

To further inquire about
, click on the link to submit an application. Tell us about yourself, family, other pets, and how
will mesh with your lifestyle.
's stats
current weight (lbs):
size category:
Medium (24-57 pounds)
5 months
age category:
Hound/Shepherd mix
tan and white
Activity Needs:
Level of Grooming:
House Trained:
In Progress

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Qualifying applicants will be contacted by our Adoption Coordinator with next steps and an opportunity to set up a Meet & Greet.

Our process is NOT a “first come, first served” process. Our team carefully reviews and interviews applicants for the best possible fit for each adoptable pet, and potential family. We look forward to facilitating a positive and solid adoption for all of our adoptees and their future families.

Adoption fees help cover the costs of Transport, Distemper/Parvo Boosters, Rabies shot, Microchip, and Spay/Neuters, as well the dog comes with a collar, harness and leash. You will also receive a PetSmart puppy packet with 100.00's of dollars of savings, you get a FREE bag of food, 30 min private training session with a certified dog trainer as well as a free checkup at Banfield.

Submitting an application in no way guarantees you a dog as we receive several applications and will choose the best home for the dog.

Must live within 30 miles of Eugene!! If you live outside the 30 mile area, still send an email as some time, we can make special arrangements.

Wiggly Tails Dog Rescue is proud to rescue dogs in urgent need and to also assist local owners who can no longer care for their small breed dog. All our dogs are up to date on their shots and spay or neutered. We do require a foster or adoption application for those interested and will visit your home for a meet and greet before releasing the dog to you.